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After the success of last year’s Industry Training Showcase featuring our Industry Training and 2DANCE dancers, this year they’re back to spread double the love.

SHOWCASE 2023: Life after life

‘Life after life’ explores the idea of different identities. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the past “you’s”, sometimes you might miss the old you so much that you no longer see the beauty of the present yourself. For Charlice Johannes, that’s what the show LIFE IS LIFE is about; understanding, accepting and loving all versions of YOU.

Life after life stands for growth. Allowing yourself to change. Daring to walk an unknown path. Letting go of who you think you are, and becoming someone you deep down always have been.

The Industry Class of 2023
Mariëm Sy | Maria Nikolova | Kyra Ferbeek | Anouk van der Weg | Mare Janssen | Eva Nagelhout | Shanna Boeke | Loïsa Houwerzijl | Lotte Mulder | Iris in ‘t Hof | Mira Kuipers

Support act: 2DANCE – Love Letters to Robots

‘Love Letters To Robots’ is a multidisciplinary movement-based performance featuring the emerging talent of Club Guy and Roni’s 2Dance programme, directed by Gaja Caruso. The performance researches the topic of crisis of intimacy with 20 dancers that are placed in an utopian dream-like dance party.

July 6–7
Doors: 19:00 | Show: 19:30

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