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Club Guy & Roni is granted a national four year subsidy in the Basic Infrastructure

Great news: Club Guy & Roni is granted a four year subsidy by Council for Culture (Raad voor Cultuur) in the Basic Infrastructure (BIS) of the Netherlands. Thereby joining the group of four largest dance companies in the country, for the first time since our foundation in 2002.

This enable us to further carry out our mission: creating inclusive, innovative, interdisciplinary contemporary dance performance for a young audience, and developing young talent.

The council values the artistic quality of Club Guy & Roni very highly. Complimenting the “fresh, energetic, rebellious and eclectic performances, using various disciplines” and applauding how the company reaches new, young audiences for dance. They state: “Club Guy and Roni is unmistakebly an addition to the dance scene, she brings color and renewal”.

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