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Tomoko Mukaiyama

pianist, performer, composer

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a Dutch-Japanese pianist, visual artist and director based in Amsterdam. She has been engaged by many prestigious orchestras and ensembles throughout the world, like New York Philharmonic, Seattle Symphony and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, among many others. 

Tomoko pushes on the boundaries of the classical music world. She has a fascination for offbeat contemporary art projects and plays with the conventions around her instrument, her profession and its performance. Tomoko uses her experience as a concert pianist to give a new dimension to the performance space. As a multi-modal artist she develops performing arts projects and art installations that combine music with modern dance, film, fashion and visual art.
She has collaborated with film directors, designers, architects, dancers and photographers, such as Marina Abramovic, MERZBOW, Jiří Kylián, Toyo Ito and Michael Gordon. Tomoko often uses autobiographical elements in her work, and by means of several media she converts and sublimates these autobiographical elements into universal themes, communicating with her audience on an intimate level. She moves between performing in more prestigious venues and creating musical experiences for the intimacy of just one visitor.
In 2020 Tomoko presents ‘End and Beginning’ -her dream project with music by Ustvolskaya and Rasaktov combined light installation with Reinier van Brummelen and T he Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.  In the autumn her first film GAKA was premièred at EYE film museum in Amsterdam. Tomoko has received the VSCD Dance prize in 2014, and the Japanese Dance Forum prize in 2017.

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