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International Partners


Club Guy and Roni is one of the leading contemporary dance companies from the Netherlands, structurally funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Netherlands. The Club creates and innovates contemporary dance collaborating with independent artists and companies from the global south in the Human Odyssey. The performances are created from urgent topics, exploring the boundaries of various dance styles and other art disciplines, built upon the belief that the complexity of the 21st century world can no longer be described in a single language or art discipline.  


National Interdisciplinary Theater Ensemble (NITE) creates a new performing arts language by innovating and exploring the borders between art disciplines like dance, theatre, video, music, visual arts and fashion through newly written text, with new stories, empowering new perspectives and narratives then the leading ones, and breaking the norm.  


Meet Guy Weizman and Roni Haver, their unique interdisciplinary ensemble of dancers, actors and musicians, and learn about ‘the Club’ and NITE. 

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Human Odyssey

Club Guy and Roni’s The Human Odyssey is a series of international collaborations with dance companies and music ensembles outside of Europe, looking beyond the Eurocentric gaze. It is an ambitious exploration of different aspects of the human experience, redefining the narratives we construct about each other and the world. Recent successful collaborations happened with makers and companies from Mauritania, India, Senegal and Morocco. Building on these experiences and the questions raised, the Club continues the “odyssey” with Brisbane based Australasian Dance Collective. 

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